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SOFY Soft Tampons SOFY Soft Tampons

Tampons ♪
allow a carefree menstrual period ♪

Tampons allow you to enjoy yourself and forget about your period.

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Tampons provide 8 hours of absorption! No worries over leaks ♪

I work in an office, so I often sit down and stand up. Each time I would feel a sudden menstrual outflow and often went to the bathroom because I was worried about leaks. I found tampons at a drugstore. At first, I thought they would be painful, but when I used them I found them easy to use and there was no discomfort, so I’m free from worries over leaks during my period!

I often experienced back leaks when I would roll over in my sleep, but that’s completely gone since I started using tampons and now I can sleep very comfortably. Tampons are much more pleasant than I thought they’d be. I know now that they’re simple to use. I’m 30 yrs. old now, but in my teens and 20s I thought that tampons were scary. Now I’m a bit regretful, wishing I’d used them earlier.

Toilets on airplanes tend to be crowded, so I tried using a tampon. On that day, there was turbulence and the seatbelt sign stayed on for over 3 hours. The plane rocked so much that even the cabin attendants stayed seated and food service was stopped! When we safely landed, I was thankful for the pilot’s skill and the tampon. (*Do not use tampons longer than 8 hours.)

One day, work was busy and after lunch I was unable to go to the bathroom until evening. Even though on that day I experienced the heaviest menstrual flow, I safely made it through because of the tampon’s absorption. In bad instances, I’ve had such a heavy flow that not just my underwear, but even my pants get soiled, so I was thankful for the absorption!

It’s comfortable because you don’t even feel it ♪

It was the first time I used a tampon and I realized how easy they are to use ★ What a surprise!! If they’re inserted in the correct position, there’s no discomfort and they’re a cinch to use.

There are no worries about leaks, so I use tampons with peace of mind★

I started using tampons when I was a 2nd-year high school student. At first, I didn’t insert them high enough and they often didn’t work well because I didn’t really have a sense of where to insert them. After about six months of using tampons, I was able to use them easily and could enjoy shopping and exercise even during my period. There were few times when I thought I couldn’t do something because of my period. They’re comfortable to use, so I recommended them to my mother. She was surprised that I was using them at first, but now she regularly uses them, too.

I hadn’t used them because I thought they probably hurt or was worried about what to do if I couldn’t remove them, but with pads, when I’m busy at work and don’t have time to go to the bathroom, I felt uncomfortable. But, when I took the plunge and used a tampon it was so comfortable that I was amazed! I wish I’d used them earlier.

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